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U.S.Customs Bonds

Anyone importing or exporting merchandise into or out of the U.S. would need a U.S. Customs bond. Fleetwood Agency, Inc. in New York, New York, issues U.S. Customs bonds  for clients importing or exporting goods.

Gavel and Scale - Customs Bonds

Attention Firms of International Trade

Our custom department is able to service all of your custom bond needs to include the following classes of bond:

• Continuous Custom Bonds • International Carrier • Warehouseman • Transportation

Carnet Bonds

Required by the U.S. Counsel guaranteeing return of merchandise and/or equipment to the United States.  Primarily used for shows, exhibitions and musicals.

Please contact our Customs Department at (212)968-9100/Fax 212-248-4256

E-Mail:  filicej@fleetsurety.com